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Master Reviews, founded in 2020, is a leading online review site for the best customer guides, informational, comparison, and simple-hacks' articles, that dives deep into electronics and the history surrounding them. On Master Reviews, you’ll find the latest news of any newly released gadgets, in-depth interviews, and experiences, high-quality photography, and the most recent details on every significant software changes of any device.

Our Team



Hello. My name is John Mugo, the founder of www.MasterReviews.net and a college student doing Art and Design. 

My love for cool gadgets and electronics as a whole could not let me go another year without stating an informative website with the sole purpose of sharing my knowledge, experience, ideas for the future, opinions, ranking of electronics from the best to the one with fewer benefits and much more. Being a college student, I have lots of free time that allows me to walk into shops and test the latest and most-in-demand devices. This process ensures that I get fast-hand experience with the devices and make articles for you so that you can make the right decision without having to visit all the shops.

My main aim is to create more tech enthusiasts and gurus who can think of ideas and innovate devices that solve significant problems that we face today and, in doing that, enjoy themselves. Being the founder, I take pride in letting you know that I work with my two friends, though not actively involved due to their tight academic schedules. Still, this does not prevent them from pitching in to give you the best reviews that you deserve.

It will be a tough task, but we relish the challenge. To more tech gurus. Cheers.

Master of Reviews


Our Social Networks

This site targets all readers from all corners of the world, clearly evidenced by the presence of social networks for the website and a productive discussion system just after the end of every article so that we get the feedback as soon as possible and make appropriate adjustments. It is particularly helpful since it gives a channel to the reader to request a review for a particular product as we understand that different people have distinct tastes and unique personalities. The reader may not feel satisfied with the products we have reviewed on the site and may require a direct comparison with the product they have selected. It presents a perfect opportunity for as to nurture our readers' trust and grow together as one.

We look forward to an active engagement through these social networks and to make it enjoyable, invite your friends.

How Products Are Rated

The market offers a wide range of products of nearly similar quality and use yet for different prices, and in most cases, the only difference is always the brand. Therefore, with the fast-changing world, we ought to keep up by reviewing as many products to determine the one with the best value in terms of improving the quality of our lives and rank them appropriately. Therefore, this is a sneak-peak into the process or method we use to rate products we've reviewed on the site.

  • 1. Top Pick – This product that we consider to be of high-quality service and with a lot of great features at the best price among the whole lot. It is usually a balance between (reasonable) price, popularity, and quality of service. It is uniquely appropriate for medium and low-income budgets such as those of students and is the most popular of the three ranks.
  • 2. Premium Choice – This segment enlists a product that has the best quality of service and features but also one that comes at a higher price. It is for those that are willing to pay up a little extra to get a premium product considered to have the best quality of service in terms of efficiency, longevity, lightweight, and durability.
  • 3. Best Value – It is a product with the most advantageous combination of cost, quality, and sustainability for the consumer’s requirements. This product is quite cheap in terms of maintenance and overall cost; it meets specifications making it fit for purpose and just sufficient for the consumer’s needs; and has economic, social, health, and environmental benefits. It is good to note that it may not come with premium features like the ones highlighted in the ‘Top pick’ and ‘Premium choice’ segments.

Guides for Buyers

For any page we publish, we highlight the considerations or steps that led to the roundup of the products recommended. This is because we'd like our readers to be well equipped with this knowledge to save them the hassle of having to undergo the same process while looking for the same product in the future. These are in-depth points are well explained and easy to understand, making our readers confident of the products recommended on the page by our team. Buying online is considered a tricky business, and because we value your time and trust in us, we thoroughly research the products and make a complete buyer's guide that satisfies our readers.

Expert Industry Advice

Expert advice is essential when buying a product as the terms used in the product description may not be easily understood by many. Therefore, knowing what feature enhances the quality of the product and in what way plus how to maintain is priceless. We have gone out of our way and reached out to expert advisers either personally, through their websites, social networks, podcasts, etc. to bring you a complete package. We have gone a step further by linking to their pages whenever we are unable to capture all the information that we deem relevant for our readers.

Consumer Feedback

Consumer feedback plays a huge part in forming up our review pages. Because we can't move all over the different parts of the world, we use consumer feedback to gauge the experience of the consumers in different parts of the world. As we said earlier, we are casting our net as wide as possible with the aim of capturing readers and giving them the best information we can provide.

Consumer feedback provides a second opinion and a more precise review, having used it for ages, and for a specific purpose. Analyzing this feedback helps us determine the following ; the features most users look for, their usefulness, patterns in perpetuity, problems they face while  using the product, changes their proposals to make it better, required accessories, the most vulnerable part to damage, and much more.

Who Are We?

So, who are we? Why read our content? Well, we are not expert advisers for one, but we are tech enthusiasts and with an obsession for cool devices the same as you or maybe more. We are a team that prefers specific and distinct gadgets, some iOs, others android, that's for sure but what unifies us more than anything is our love for electronics and technology as a whole.

We started Master Reviews after finding out that there was no information on the cons of tech devices. All there was, was information on why you should buy, that is, the advantages to you and your business. This what looked like advertising to us. Therefore, we felt that we could fill this hole with the information we had, and we set out to give all the three sides of the coin before you decide to buy the product. Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular and what better way to equip yourself than with the information on this site.

We'd love to hear from you! If you have any questions or suggestions or simply a pat on the back for the work we're doing, do not hesitate to contact us!

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